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In House Training

BASA Training is able to deliver customized in-house (in-company) training solutions in technical, industry-specific or specialized topics. An in-house training program features the development of training materials, courses, assessment and supervision. Significantly, inhouse training does not have to take place within the physical premises of the organisation and can, for example, take place at a training centre or conference room. The Advantages and Benefits of In House Training Training Cost saving – cost per delegate is less compared to public training houses for the same number of people. Travel Cost saving – The employees are not required to travel any further than their offices and spend additional costs. More specific – Conducting a course for a single client makes it easier to focus on specific topics and areas that are causing issues occurring inside the business. Customized training– These trainings helps in addressing the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. Forming a group allows the training to be more focused on the company and real examples can be discussed more conveniently. Convenience – The working schedule for staff is set as per their convenience at a location they come every day. Team Building – Delegates from different departments and skills set can foster the great teamwork, recognition and understanding of each other’s roles. It can enhance the relations, communication and interaction with each other. Capacity Building – Training inculcates Capacity building activities that are designed to improve and enhance the skills to prosper in the fast-paced world. The Disadvantages and Costs of In House Training Extra administration burden – Make sure you have a suitable venue (training room), devices, equipment’s, course materials. Not taken as seriously – There is a possibility that employees might attend the training out of their interest or just to have a break from their job. They might not show up on the second day. Training going stale – There is no room of improvement if the running courses are using internal sources. Not up to speed with current best practice– Passing on nonproductive information leading to poor business practices. BASA In-House Course processes BASA utilizes its trainer vetting and selection standards, as well as its course development process, to deliver the customized training topics our clients request, at the highest quality.



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