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Procurement in The Post Covid Environment

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Procurement in The Post Covid Environment


About this course

The success of organisation not only depends on what we do, but also how we manage our suppliers and contractors.  Excellent Purchasing Management is a prerequisite in this dynamic environment. In the long term, the pandemic has illustrated the importance of good procurement and commercial teams. In these changing times we need to rigorous with how we operate with better supplier relations including a new era of collaboration in procurement. The coronavirus outbreak will fundamentally change the way we do business in procurement management.  A more cooperative environment for procurement and supply chain professionals may well be one of the long-term key impacts of COVID-19.

This course addresses these issues in order to continuously improve procurement operations. In the face of a major global crisis such as the spread of coronavirus, now is the time to step rethink how to protect supply chains as much as possible from the adverse impacts.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  • Understand how the procurement function has changed as a result of the pandemic
  • Know how to identify the changes required
  • Understand how to improve collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Illustrate the importance of supplier risk management
  • Know how to change supplier relationships
  • Develop a design for the organisation’s supply chain
  • Understand the nature of electronic records
  • Understand the impact automation has had on archival theory and documentation practice

Course outline

Day One: Understanding Procurement in the New Normal

  • How the world changed due to the Pandemic
  • What is the purpose of a business?
  • Dealing with the Problem of being a “go between
  • Purchasing Process and Cycle of Procurement
  • Positioning Purchasing within the Company
  • The Global Supply Chain

 Day Two: Selecting the Right Supplier & Evaluating Performance

  • Analysing Cost
  • Analysing Value
  • Conditioning the Supplier to Meet Your Requirement
  • Hidden Costs and Life Cycle Costing
  • The Total Cost Approach to Purchasing
  • Using Price Indices
  • Performance Evaluation

Day Three: A New Paradigm for Outsourcing

  • Is your relationship transactional or outcome-based?
  • Defining desired outcomes that are measurable
  • Developing an effective outsourcing contract
  • Designing a pricing model that incentivizes desired behaviours
  • Evaluating cost/service trade-offs

Day Four: Identifying Procurement Instabilities and Risks

  • Internal supply chain risks
  • PESTLE and external risks
  • Risk management principles
  • Evaluation and prioritisation of risks
  • Contingency and risk management planning
  • How the Pandemic changed our practices regarding Risk?

Day Five: Rethinking Procurement and Improving your Results

  • Rationale and approach to performance management including Lean
  • Identifying, defining, and tracking your metrics
  • Incentives and continuous improvement
  • Re-engineering supply chains end to end to minimise risk

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