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Agricultural Policy Formulation and Analysis

Influencing policy processes requires  a thorough understanding of the complex context within which policies are produced. Key dimensions of this context include: (i) the socio-economic situation, (ii) the  policy and political environment; (iii) major stakeholders; and (iv) the international policy agenda. Implications of these dimensions on the way the policy process should be managed and on the feasibility of policy options are also taken carefully into account. The analysis of the policy context is conducted through the use of a set of analytical tools and approaches. (FAO 2019)
Course objectives

On completion of the course, participants should be able to:

• Initiate policies that are critical for agriculture development and poverty reduction

• Analyze and understand the major characteristics, problems, and development prospects of rural communities 

• Put into perspective the role of agriculture in reducing rural poverty

• Understand how agriculture can be a vehicle for rural development 

• Design a plan for agriculture development

• Assist policy is promoting targeted policies on agriculture development• examine some of the challenges to be overcome in management of Agriculture

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