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    The concept of governance and leadership are intertwined. Good governance and leadership is critical for the achievement of results. It is often said that no country can develop beyond the level of its leadership. The predicament of most developing nations in terms of underdevelopment and corruption can be adduced to the problem of leadership and governance.

    This course looks at the place of leadership and good governance in the actualization of overall national development in developing countries.


    On completion of the course participants should be able to:

    • Explain the principles underlying good governance.
    • Apply principles of good governance to the work place
    • Link organizational success to good corporate governance
    • Design institutional code of ethics
    • Apply professional and business ethics in the day to day running of business
    • Detect and minimize company fraud due to corruption
    • Develop and manage corporate institutions on best practice governance
    • Apply best practices in good governance

    course outline

    • Management and Leadership
    • Organizational Structure and processes
    • Governance Framework
    • Principles and Pillars of Governance
    • Importance of governance in development
    • Institutions, accountability and democracy
    • Corporate Control Strategies
    • Corporate Risk Management
    • Corporate Ethics and Management Assurances
    • Internal Control Framework and Control Models
    • Corporate Citizenship and Accountability
    • Corporate Governance
    • Code of conduct for Public Officials
    • Best Practice in Internal Control
    • Stakeholder relationships
    • Concept of Integrity System
    • Public Awareness and the Role of Civil Society
    • Corporate Public Policy and Affairs
    • International Issues
    • Corporate Fraud
    • Corruption
    • Issues Management and Crisis Management
    • Governance and organizational development
    • Best practices in good governance
    • Assurance and Compliance
    • Reporting
    • Leaders as Promoters of Transparency and Accountability
    • Leaders as Managers of Resources

    Delegation and responsibility

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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